Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fun fun

It's all luck, every ounce of it, every bit. I'll have to explain now, make my points, try to convince everyone, including myself of the conjecture. But, that's what I'm here for.
I'll begin with the obvious; looks and station. There are ways of course to enhance both, no matter what the situation. However, if your not born into an opportunity for either getting an education, or even eating regularly, what are the odds that much improvement can even be made?
Jack kind of reached the end of his coping abilities earlier this week. He let loose a torrent of rage, sadness, frustration and loss regarding his experiences in high school with friends, teachers, his strengths, or lack thereof and talent. He did not hold back as far as I could tell and ultimately I offered to home school him because there was no reason for him to remain in an environment that was causing so much pain and very little reward. He declined and we went further into how I knew that it wasn't fair that he is small, or under appreciated and often overlooked.
I guess just acknowledging that his perspective was valid was really the best I could do, and apparently enough to stave off a harder fall. And, as my midwife said to me after about 23 hours of back labor, 'when you've really had all you can take, that's when things begin to change", a shift did take place, like the next day. Jack got a part in the spring play. He had given the auditions his all, and was rewarded with not a huge role, but a significant one and in some ways more important than I'm sure could have possibly been intended.


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