Sunday, January 30, 2011

What was left after that

Picture, if you will a very busy afternoon at the library. It's bright and sunny as one entire wall is made up of windows. Then narrow your view to one man, youngish, pleasant looking, sitting at an Internet station in the middle of a crowded area of others doing similar things. And that, is where I come in.
A man came over to the reference desk and said, "this is kind of a sensitive topic" and then he knelt down to whisper what I thought was going to be a question of a personal nature, health, financial, some such; it wasn't, he told me that there was a young man viewing pornography at one of the computers.
Now, normally many of our savvy viewers of the salacious, see one of us coming over and toggle away from what they were rolling with, but as I approached this fellow, he was just sitting there leaning back and watching what turned out to be some very gentle, hairy and not at all "normal" pornography. I just stood there for a five or so seconds, watching in awe as regular looking people did not do degrading things to each other when I remembered that he had to stop what he was doing. So I told him that, and he said he would comply. I asked another librarian to check him a few minutes later and I heard her say, "didn't someone speak to you already about not viewing this type of thing in the library?" He said no. I laughed and shut his computer off remotely because I have that kind of power.
I was kind of taken aback by the not so awful nature of his choice of viewing pleasure, just the venue, and then I was equally disturbed at how the level and acceptance of abhorrent behavior on my part, has gradually deteriorated.


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