Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And buy the right stuff

Old people are invisible. I had two people come up and ask me a question at the desk at work, when I already had an older man standing there and talking to me. They just kind of look around the person as if he where an object merely blocking their view.
On Sunday, Gus and his singing group performed at a retirement community. Eamon, Jack and I got to go see them. Of course it became an excuse for me to analyze the nature of institutions, (they are all the same on many levels), and it afforded us the chance to go out to eat and do east side things.
We had some time to kill so we went into a store to look at things we didn't need. after about ten minutes I was done and started to look around for the others.
As I was rounding up the boys, I looked over to see Eamon leaning up against a large display shaped like a cube, he was trying to scratch his back up against the unit, but hadn't realized it was on wheels. The moment I looked at him he was moving back with this giant monolith going right along with him. He looked at me right then with the, of course you are seeing me do this look I've come to know on so many occasions.
Though it was not the highlight of the evening, the singing provided that, but happening upon him in the act of merely trying to take care of a simple thing and providing me with an image that will be both an instant laugh and sort of an intimate moment makes for a double win.


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