Monday, February 07, 2011

Into tiny grains of sand

And the weekend started off with a bang. Gus came in for some unknown reason. Jake went to pick him up in Columbus and they were home for about fifteen minutes and one of them said "lets go." I asked where and why, in that they had just gotten here. After some discussion they took my car to go to Melt.
At about midnight, due to my restless nature compounded by whatever hormonal mash up is occurring I was awake and went downstairs to walk around and look out the window.
I found a note from Jake to his dad fessing up to knocking off his side view mirror with his car as they were moving it to put mine in the garage.
I went outside to take a look at the glory, and Jake was out there taping (or not actually), the mirror back on. He looked over at me with a grin that was not unlike the last expression I think of when I picture Heath Ledger. I kind of stored that one, and then at the same time noticed that his car doesn't even reach the height of the side view, so in that second I knew that Gus had hit it with my car.
The subsequent screaming, finger pointing, and gnashing of teeth resulted in Eamon coming out of our room as I was approaching. This is what I had been dreading, his reaction, after over a week of illness, a huge expensive car repair from a previous good deed, and my trying to please the fellows by agreeing to the use of the car for an outing in 8 degree weather. His comment; "Hey if it's drivable it's no big deal." All right then, let's get on with it shall we.


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