Wednesday, February 23, 2011

There's no one to blame

Rage is ever present in our lives. I think it lives mostly in the youthful days, and then slowly manifests itself differently as we age. Why do we want to hurt something so badly, including and often ourselves?
Okay, it's an eternal question and bigger than us, unsolvable for the most part. There are parts of the quandary that are obvious as in when we're young, things are harder to sort out, clarity is tenuous and eventually for most of us things gel and we manage to make space in our psyche for the unknown and the ambiguous. Or, it just doesn't matter as much. We soften or become more resigned to the obvious flow of life.
Either way, it separates us, women often turn it inward, men seem to become sullen and though the anger is less sharp and focused, it remains, waiting expectantly.


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