Saturday, April 09, 2011

Pass by life

Monsters, a movie that successfully combines social commentary, love and , well monsters, managed to embody what a film can be if it doesn't try too hard. I try too hard; I do. To be smart, knowledgeable, down with the lingo and the tunes and lastly to be young. If I really want maintain that, I'm going to have to submit to a human growth hormone regime, so I guess I should probably give up on at least some of it. Jake has told us that he plans to move out at the beginning of next month. We've advised him, cajoled and suggested that he not sign a lease or make a commitment until he is sure he is ready. Of course, he ignored all of that and now has both a financial and legal obligation to move in with people he is unsure of and has been having second thoughts about. I started to try and explain to him that he needed to keep his word and make the effort. And then, I thought about my own past situations with roommates and of trying to do the right thing as much as possible, subsequently, I said nothing, except, "don't take my word for it."


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