Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Everyone on the count of three

It's strange when you grow older and realize the lifespan of things is limited including popularity and ubiquity. It all seems forever when you're of a certain age.
When I first heard the Golden Palominos, a revolving door super group from the 80's, I remember the power their music held. It was obvious to me at least, that this was something of greatness; the merging of talent and layered sonics.
Recently with Facebook, I've become friends with the mastermind of the band, Anton Fier,. We have mutual "real" friends as well, but I only met him years ago at a very crowded party with tons of equally talented musicians and artists.
I was in awe and starstruck, though working at a radio station and being part of an underground music scene that was intimate in nature provided lots of contact with all sorts of levels of famous and eventually infamous persons.
I guess what I'm getting at here, is that though certain things fade; fame, money and probably resources, there is still a pull, a need to produce and it is as strong and directed as ever, just maybe a little less shiny.


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