Monday, March 21, 2011

We define our moral ground

I've been dealing with a lot of trust issues of late, and remarkably, they are not my own. At work, there's been a lot of, "may I have your name", "are you sure that went through?", "Will you still love me in the morning?" and a slew of other issues regarding people's insecurities about getting what they've asked for.
I don't know if it's always been going on and I've just now started to notice, or if it's a by-product of the current culture of; we will lie to you constantly to get you to buy, lease or want anything we can make or sell.
However, I work in a library. It's sort of a business, but not really. It's an in between place, where it may feel like we want something from you but all that is, is for you to be very very quiet.


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