Monday, April 04, 2011

Wrapped up for lunch

Sorry to do this to the avid reader of IATM, but I've written a poem and it's time to share. I live and breath the grey, it's a part of me, the very heart of me... Okay I'm done. There is no poem, there are no words to describe the wasted days that the grey evokes. It just seems endless, and such a joke in that the just a tiny bit above the clouds there is blue sky. Sometimes, things are out of reach. No matter how deserving we might think we are, or how ready, it's just not going to happen. There have been a few examples this week in how our luck as a clan, is going; Jake got a new job at probably the most popular and hipster friendly restaurant in the area. He is doing very basic stuff but willing to start there in order to learn, and hopefully move up. On his way to work the other morning, though he claims he was not late, he was pulled over for speeding and given a ticket. That ticket will cost him his first week's pay. Gus, bought a text book with a paycheck that had just been placed in his checking account. Apparently, he acted too soon and more than half of it went for overdraft fees. This type of thing has happened to us and everyone countless times, including in our case, spending entire bonuses on veterinary bills, car repairs and anything that can drain an extra few dollars that might have come our way. I know taking it personally, making it a "this is not fair" diatribe is not going to change the determination of things, but at least it's not a quatrain.


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