Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dream away

Competence is essential to me. Even a modicum of ability, especially in a supervisory role is welcome. But, when it's lacking I go all Billy Jack on their ass. Yes, I just said that. and I'm also picturing myself in the hat, dark jean jacket, and just starting the roundhouse kick to the head. Okay, I've got that out now, no I don't feel better, I don't really know what to do to actually relieve the stress of other people's mistakes. I'm used to people not doing their job well, it's common and just part of the scenery, but when it effects how others perceive my abilities; as in a decision is made, action taken and work and planning subverted without explanation then I get a bit cross. I can step away emotionally, and tell myself that in the past I've overlooked details, or missed something. But I'm not going to be harder on myself then I am on others anymore. I'm going to give everyone their due, especially when I've done my darnedest to pull something off only to find out it's been changed and that I have to clean up the mess.


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