Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It would have been enough

With the visit from my parents over, and the decompression process in full swing, I've had time to reflect on some of the events, one of which I will share.
Monday, we went to visit my Grandmother's grave, set between Southgate USA and a Mr. Chicken, on the far east side of Cleveland. In that we are exceedingly economical with our geographic usage, we decided also to visit Tommy's for lunch. It is one place that my parents still remember from their almost twenty years here.
We went in and waited for a bit because I requested that we sit in a booth in order to curtail any inappropriate behavior on my Mother's part.
As we were just about to be seated my Mom said, "who is that man, I know him, he just waved at me." Background time; everywhere we go, my mom either knows someone or sees something none of the rest of us do. We are used to it and go along with the script.
So, as we are walking past the table where her alleged acquaintance was sitting, I happened to look over, into the deeply penetrating eyes of Geraldo Rivera. He of course thought that my mom was staring at him because he is famous when in fact she just stares at people, usually long enough to either make them uncomfortable or to illicit some sort of response.
I texted Gus the 411 and he promptly challenged the sighting, and after piecing it together, that he would be here to celebrate Passover with his wife's family, the story unfolded like a spring flower, and established that my mother did actually know someone for once. Amen.


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