Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I'm a mountain top water drop

There is little mystery or unknown on the surface of things in our current state, but the irony is, that less is really shared, and what is, is just expanded upon in perpetuity. The illusion is not an accident, with less ascendancy to resources and information, distraction, as usual is the mode in which control is managed.
For those of us with children, we've used diversions to take attention away from something that either would cause harm to them or perhaps from something they would want to buy. Certainly it works, but is it appropriate to succumb, every time to the ceaseless and pitiful, yet sometimes entertaining attempts to keep us happy in our station. I'm as happy as the next gal to be lolled into complacency some of the time.
If we didn't want it so badly, it wouldn't be such an enormous part of our lives, we wouldn't' have a holiday a month to prepare for, shop and celebrate. There wouldn't be quite so much pride taken in being unaware or of lacking in any depthful pursuits. It's not hard to know more, it just takes a few more steps, and, unfortunately, that's a few too many.


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