Wednesday, May 25, 2011

That says it all

When you create a world, which is what you literally do when you have children , there are obviously things that will happen and events that will challenge them in such a way that you are unable to help them.
Here we are.
I've had situations in the past, with Jake getting in trouble, or Gus not managing his paperwork for school, or Jack not being able to find the latest Captain America graphic novel, where I can advise or grease a palm. In other words, I've had the illusion of control.
No more, it's gone, and what a relief it is, to know for once, besides for the inevitable, that there is nothing I can do besides for writing or speaking about it. I can't make it all better, can't make it go away and don't know anyone in high places who can make a call. What I can do is to step aside and let them all lead their own lives. Yes, let them?


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