Wednesday, June 08, 2011

When your winter comes

Standing at the reference desk yesterday, a customer felt compelled to tell me the entire story of Oedipus in such a way as if it had just happened and she heard it on the news on her way to the library.
It was almost like rattling of a shopping list; and then he killed his dad, and then married his mom and then went to the cheese store.
I love when you first hear about something. For some of us, it's got to be shared and in it's solipsistic way, it's as if the matter had never existed until it became known to you.
Therein lies the difference; when you know that it's always been out there, and when you don't.
I know that the world is a place of cruel and negative challenges. Yet, everyday I wake up, greet the morning and hope for the best, In other words, I expect that because I feel the way I do, and hope for things to be okay, I'm perhaps alone in that perspective even though I assume it's shared.


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