Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stay in Motion

Picture if you will, a bus coming into a station. Now, there is a man, he has been riding this bus for a long time, as far back as he can remember. But, now, at the station, he has to get off, it's the end of the line and though he didn't do anything to bring this upon himself, or ask for much from the driver, he has to decamp.
Once inside the station, he sits down to wait. Other riders make some calls, find and make alternate plans. Some might just go outside and start walking. Not this guy. He's angry, he's going to stay there and stew in it, blame the company, the driver, even the dog. He is so paralyzed in his bitterness that he can't manage to emerge from the chrysalis even though it's of his own making.
Then, there's the gal sitting at the information booth. She sees all of this taking place, but everything that comes out of her mouth is erroneous. The maps and brochures she hands him are outdated and antiquated at best. She sits there helpless in the face of his confusion, and realizes, she is stuck in the same spot, only, she has an excuse and, it's pretty flimsy.


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