Monday, June 27, 2011

Bringing me a surprise

And then to top it off, the Doctor put blue stitches in the middle of my face. Ha!
I didn't know that until we took the bandage off the next day and then it was like, why? Were they out of clear or white, was there a run on the colorless stitching stuff, or was there a discount on primary colors.
I got me a little perspective while looking at pictures of people with their faces sewn up, but it' s still been a really hard few weeks anyway you slice it!
As everything in life right now is a little disjointed, so shall the writing be.
I'm not trying to start anything new, or scat my way into groovy format, it's just that all roads lead to forced transition and I'm not one to do well in the face of compulsory events.
I spent a week in California with my entire family sans my husband. We spent a great deal of time driving, trying to find each other, and or eating. I complained a lot, and I regret that my approach to so much of life is to find the problems and dwell there. Time to look for some new digs.


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