Sunday, July 10, 2011

Run deep

I did see 2001 a Space Odyssey the year it came out. It was a sunny afternoon in Asbury Park New Jersey and my mom took my sisters and I to the matinee. that would have made me six years old by the way. It was a goofy movie, (okay actually a Goofy movie was better), and that's not just from the child's perspective, I still feel that way.
Tree of Life touched on some of the goof, but managed to pull off about two hours of a masterpiece about family and mostly about unforgiving Fathers and their weird predilection for belittling and maligning their sons/selves.
The gasp that came out of my mouth when (stop reading if you haven't seen it, all eleven of you.) Brad Pitt, the father of three sons, lost his job, was so not my usual giant lump in the throat movie etiquette. So, it's obvious that the movie touched me as it does many viewers who wish they had grown up in a Calvin Klein commercial sans the harsh dad.
I am being critical here, I am an lover not a hater of Malick and his contemporaries, Carlos Reygadas, Hsiao Hsien Hou or Pedro Gonzalez Rubio. It's not the slow, plodding static shots, it's the superficial, getting stuck in the sheer presence of beauty and simplicity see, right here, stuff.
My bottom line is, that it's better than any movie I'm going to make, but not as good as it should have been.


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