Monday, August 15, 2011

I can do

I find it worth mentioning that after watching Source Code last night, which left me feeling somewhat disturbed and restless in the night, that I started thinking about the two movies that Duncan Jones has made, Moon and the above mentioned, and how they both portray a man alone either on a planet or in a capsule.
Similar themes by filmmakers are certainly not unusual, but of the instance of your dad writing Space Oddity which is all about a man lost alone in space, and your movies sharing not a similar, but a theme essentially the same, I feel compelled to make note. Yes, I've made it official.
There is a sense of loneliness and alienation that has been maintained through these two generations of artistic output.
I wonder of it's an attempt to feel connected to his father or more of a universal quest regarding what makes us feel lonely or isolated and how that is a challenge to all individuals.
Nevertheless, I felt it worth mentioning.


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