Sunday, August 28, 2011

What you better do

Doing a good turn, to what end? Because it is required of course, to enable us to live with ourselves and basically to get along with others. For me there is never a question, it's just to act and consequences be damned. True that for my husband and sons, I've seen it in action, it's not speculation on my part. They will all jump, in rarely hesitating.
And then I think, is it just nosy or controlling? Always ready, and again watching, and I guess waiting. As I look around work or most places, people are involved in their own stuff, far too deeply to notice the subtleties of general distress or confusion. Then there are those of us who are not, who skim the drama rather than get immersed and seem to often be listening to the stories about how, and what, and all that happened, really just waiting to react.


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