Monday, September 26, 2011

When you were here before

Speaking of changing your brain..
Being in the moment, I think that phrase has taken on a meaning of part of you being there and the other part is thinking of additional ways to either document, save, keep, download, share and or post what you are experiencing.
Rarely, is it enough now to just have it, to merely be where you are.
That, has to add an entire new dimension to our thought patterns.
The evolutionary process, (besides for the future generations thumbs being longer ,as Tom Robbins predicted,) will be enhanced for the managing of data. Each event, or experience is now a spectrum of possibilities beyond just living it, and there are various ways to either document or keep some piece of everything.
Even in death, there is the video montage of a person's life, three minutes =87 years, with a soundtrack.


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