Sunday, October 16, 2011

I may go wrong

Gus is planning to go to Argentina in January, he found an immersion program for Spanish, culture, and cinema, decided that it was where he wanted to go and has been working towards it ever since.
He will find out this week if he's been accepted, or if they're willing to take thousands of dollars to keep him there for a semester, I guess that's the same thing as going to college, but with a twist.
His determination reminds me of a story from my childhood, (of course).
I was ten and there was an advertisement in the newspaper for a trip to New York city for fifty dollars.
The only catch was, it was with a Hasidic group going to celebrate Purim. Not being particularly religious, I did not forsee how that aspect was going to impinge on my plans to party in the big apple. But one bus ride and about 10,000 prayers, not including the hours spent at the temple, where we went three times a day for two days, and last but not least, not knowing anyone, I began to regret my adventure.
In his case, I don't think any such miscalculation is at hand. And, I can go visit him, on a plane.


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