Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To other shores

Perhaps I'm in a self help rut, I'll allow that, but I really don't think so. And, what I mean is actually willfully participating in a something to move forward in an area, but with a fair amount of speculation.
I started with the brain, a very good place to start, and finished in the same place but added some hormones, genetics and politics.
Yes, I've deduced that the way to not finding out what is most obvious is to listen to the rhetoric of a thousand pharmaceutical, diet industry and fiction based science experts.
Having done that for thirty or more years, It's time for a change.
That change is more about growing up than anything I've previously been able to muster. It's a decision to forgo what is familiar, comfortable, and known, and make the leap towards finding other things to think about, spend time doing and garner pleasure from.
Also, discovering that what I thought was something lacking from either nurturing or environment is actually biochemical, is of course, the cherry on top.


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