Tuesday, November 01, 2011

We will fall

On my mind today; the saying, "familiarity breeds contempt." As far as I've understood that meant that seeing someone all to often pretty much made you start to dislike them, or their habits and foibles.
But, reading the fable, I get an entirely different take. That is, getting used to something or someone, is just that. It becomes so regular that the exceptional dissipates and it's just another day. If we just take the word contempt however, the meaning is again about beginning to find the faults, and blemishes.
Of course it's a matter of interpretation and discernment yet the story I would tell would be something like; you have two teenage sons, they act either like they hate you or they want your money, time, car, and additionally some other way in which they can be resentful for all that you do. The moral of the story, Aesop sucks.


Blogger Blue Turtle said...

That's what we call a burnt out. But if you really love that person you will feel the opposite. You'll like him the more.

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