Friday, November 04, 2011

It's the sum of man

Charlie Kaufman manages to find that particularly sagacious place between heartbreak and heartfelt laughter.
Synecdoche New York is a movie I wanted to see, but also was conflicted around because, well first of all I always said to myself, "Syndochine" when I saw the title, because it looks nothing like the pronunciation. So, that was a bit off putting, and there's that whole, I have to pay attention to this movie while I'm watching it, and can't read the newspaper at the same time thing.
It was nothing short of wonderful. Nothing. To actually put that large of a collection of talented people together and have it work, in itself was a feat to just cherish.
Not since the Expendables, okay, maybe this one out did that gem, but rarely does one get to delight in small and meaningful moments with the luxury of pausing to laugh some more, because it was such a throwaway line, and could have been so easily missed.
Thank you Eamon, and thank you Best Buy for sending him a gift card that he didn't spend more than, in fact, he had to buy a Kit Kat bar to reach the $15.00 minimum purchase. Give me a break.


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