Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's nothing at all

I'm in a what does it all matter anyway kind of a place, but for once, that's not all bad. I've kind of always known that in the panoramic view of life, not much of it really does, but along with that comes the comfort of little things, the incremental and short lived events that are the golden threads.
We had a difficult Saturday night/ Sunday morning, in that Jack was kind of lost.
He had been at a cast party, didn't manage to get it together with his ride home, called us waking me out of a sleep so deep my eyes were crossing and I was basically barking into the phone, seriously, I mean barking, because it wasn't words or much of anything close to legitimate language usage.
Then, Eamon went to get him, couldn't find the house, didn't have a phone, came back after an hour, (it would have been a five minute ride if he could have found the street) took the phone, but by then Jack couldn't answer his, because it was dead.
Ultimately, Jack ended up going back to the house, as he had been waiting outside looking for his dad, and he asked the by then sleeping parents for a ride, Yup, it's the little things.


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