Monday, October 27, 2014

You can drive all night

A young man came into the library today, he needed to print his project.  His copy had smeared in his bag after printing it at home.
He was already late for school, didn’t have his library card and needed about 10 pages.
I fear that if he had encountered anyone else here today, he would not have been able to get it done. With reason, there are fees for printing, and library card protocols.
He was on the verge of tears, and I could literally smell the terror on him.  I didn’t make him explain anything, or ask twice.  I work with people who would not have made it that easy, regardless of the desperation.
I don’t care about power, or control over people, I am interested in vulnerability and providing service where it is really needed.  I’ve become too aware of the levels and dimension of manipulation that so many of the people around me fall into, and sit comfortably with.  What I experienced was familiar, me, my children, people really on the edge.  This event, helps with the struggle I have been experiencing of late, as to whether I am actually serving, or being served.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

All that remains

Jack Henry bought a car last week, and he has yet to get his drivers license.  It’s a wonder that he manages to get himself together for work, which I know he does, because he’s been promoted twice.
I’ve been doing this too long.  I do want my adult children around from time to time, but I don’t want to be a part of their processes and experiences on a daily basis.
Last night Eamon and I watched Houdini with Adrian Brody.  It was terrible.  And, they added this element of a somewhat inappropriate relationship between Houdini and his mother.    So, if a son and his mother are close, if the tie between them lasts into adulthood, and is a strong one, then there must be something abnormal.
As the mom of three sons, there is a reason that thread made me uncomfortable, because of the misogyny of the narrative.  It discounts a bond that is only found in the parent child confines.  One in which the mother is the first biggest fan, and hopefully maintains that throughout their child’s life.
To spice up a movie, or a story with  an element of unnecessary scandal, when it’s already a cheese fest, just diminishes it even more,  and merely cloaks the feculent mess.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Where no one dared to go

Because the evening and morning of the lunar eclipse, I was unable to sleep, I got to watch it.  At first, I was not impressed, but as the shadow of the earth covered the moon in it’s entirety, I saw the dimension of the  satellite as I have never seen it,  and the effect for me was multi fold.
It’s been an extremely difficult time, for myself and some of those around me.  So much so that in watching the final phases of the eclipse, I was reminded of Melancholia, and considered that perhaps that most of what that movie projected was the nature of the gravitational pull and it’s effect on some of us, and our mental health.
There would not be words in place, if this was an unknown.  Loony, the original Latin and Greek base for the behavior or phase that brings out some behaviors and responses that are most likely brought on by the pull.
Something strong enough to generate the tides in the oceans, can certainly have a physical effect on the part of us, around 60%, that contains chemicals that keep things balanced .
The US medical opinion, is that  there is little or no correlation, yet research, elsewhere, extensive and based on long surveys and programs, and the historical foundation for theories regarding behavior , and the phases of the moon, along with the seasonal equinox, say different.