Sunday, February 07, 2016

Time's gone inside out

My Brother in-law passed away last week, on the heels of Eamon's Dad, and his best friend's Mom.  A threefer if you will.
That's an awful lot of dying, especially if you think you have a handle on how it works, the process, adapting,  and then you don't. 
With that, comes some reckoning
I've not posted enough on this venue of late.  For some  writers, and I am a writer , that would be an opportunity or encouragement to do more.  Not here.  If anything, I have so much to say, yet it's not my first inclination to share it, analyze it or break it down.
The genesis of I'm a Teenage Mom, and subsequently Retooled,  was translating ideas and images into a neat package, to perhaps entertain, educate and or relate to.  Sometimes that worked, other times, it may have  caused some grief or annoyance to some people I know.
Either way, it's been ten years.  That's a long time to still want to make something.  And I do, so it's best to stop.