Friday, November 14, 2014

A Kaddish for Kim Kardashian

Now I just feel bad, I do.
What are you, if you are only your body.  In my case, a highly evolved comic.  As I was heavy and an over thinker from the start, the vessel was secondary for a long time.  Not, that I didn’t think about it endlessly.  When I saw the pictures, I thought of Saartjie Baartman, every few years, stories, or books, or articles, are published about her.  She remains, in my mind as someone who within Western culture  was considered an oddity, but only because of the fascination as opposed to the actual physical manifestation,  She precedes Kim Kardashian by two hundred and four years.
“Baartman was thrust onto the stage in Piccadilly, in a skintight, flesh-colored get-up, complete with a panoply of African beads and ostrich feathers. Baartman’s seminaked display left little to the imagination and reinforced England’s obsession with bottoms, both literally and figuratively. (The political scene was rife with speculation over whether Lord Grenville, known for his extraordinary derrière, and his Whig coalition, known as the broad bottoms, would take over Parliament if George III abdicated.) Baartman’s arrival was, as Holmes points out, “a journalist’s dream.” She goes on to observe that “the obsession with Saartjie’s posterior, posterity and broad bottomedness, and the endless punning on rear ends, rumps, fundaments and fat arses became explicitly tied to the most pressing and topical political issues concerning the decline of King George, the rise of the Regency and which rumps would take over government.” 

Sunday, November 09, 2014

There's no holiday

I never would have thought it would be the Magic School Bus that took me down.
Last Thursday I  worked at another branch and dealt with a customer, whom I thought I managed well, in that she was very difficult, perhaps medicated, and wanted a solution to a problem that had none.
I didn’t.  Her narrative ended up being pretty much the opposite of mine, and she wasn’t quiet about it.
Today, I was asked for some Magic School Bus, and some Clifford books.  I could not find either.  Well, I found a few, but not nearly the number we allegedly had on the shelf.  I basically forgot how to Librarian.  Though later I found out that they were actually not on the shelves, which helped to know, but, with the initial search coming up empty handed, I felt it might have been best to walk towards the door and not stop.