Monday, October 05, 2015

To the good ol’ days

During the Vietnam war, On the evening news, the reporters, who were either reporting from, or about the combat zones, would show the graphic images that were the war zone.
In Iraq, and before that Kuwait, the Bush administration, were savvy enough to have learned that what had ended the war in Vietnam, was it being brought straight into America’s living rooms.
So, there were few reports from the front, and few pictures of the savagery, destruction, or bodies, which might sway the public’s opinion.
What I  suggest is a bitter pill.  With the recent mass slaughter of students, and citizens here, is to show the pictures of the bodies, and the mayhem.  Not the people hugging each other, or the flower tributes.
Nothing will ever be as effective as the visual experience.  Let’s see if that changes the mindset of the public, who passively sit with the idea of  people being brought together by tragedy.


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