Saturday, August 29, 2015

All of these things

I ended up taking  Charvez to one of the “Cleveland night Markets” in an area that when I was a kid, used to be called Chinatown.  This was a markedly un-Cleveland event, in that it had some of the basics, food trucks, DJ, craft beer, and  other libations, and one requisite booth with Pierogies, but, for the most part, it was eastern Asian and south Asian food, wares and music.  I’ve eaten and not eaten  a lot of diverse menu items, and this one brought out some of the most interesting I’ve seen.
Had we not been all over tarnation and back, this event would have probably been a summer highlight, as it was, we both got lovely henna done, that immediately faded away, and we had some time sans family, which is rare,
 I think it qualifies as one of those more exciting in retrospect then when actually occurring sequences.  Either way, for the second time this summer, I’ve experienced the city from an outsider’s perspective, and it really wasn’t that bad.


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