Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A bottle full of lean

A couple of the blogs that I read, and judge of course, have gone off the air, or at least, they have significantly limited their posts, due to other jobs, or a shift in their experience, that makes it not so much of a desire or  interest  to share quite so much with the rest of the world.
These, as opposed to this one, have thousands of readers, so, there is a  financial component,  and the other, is the regular readers, who like me this morning, when my coffee shop was closed for remodeling, feel a tinge of betrayal.
It’s natural to live with our patterned behaviors, that make us “regulars” and known by name, especially as we age, and fall into routines like manholes without covers.
I thought this morning, this crisp, clear morning, where suddenly everything is green, about how often I may say the same things, year after year, a little shift here, a little clarity there,  that if I have forgotten, or repeated myself a few times, I can get past that.


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