Sunday, January 18, 2015

Take me to a place inside

Watching the movie Boyhood was an unprecedented  experience, and continues to challenge me, days after viewing.
The moments that are most striking for me, were when I would think to myself that the authenticity of the time related scenes, like video gaming, or clothing, were so realistic, and then realizing, they were real , were when I ascertained that  I was watching  science fiction.
Knowing Richard Linklater from, Slacker and one of his more recent films, Waking Life, I think this was one,of the multitude of intentions of this movie.
I’ve never seen anything like it.  There have been documentaries, and  even Russian Ark a  time bending foray with uncut shots and never-ending scenes. But,nothing  as dynamic and significant as this simple triumph in storytelling and sort of eternal perspicacity.


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