Monday, October 27, 2014

You can drive all night

A young man came into the library today, he needed to print his project.  His copy had smeared in his bag after printing it at home.
He was already late for school, didn’t have his library card and needed about 10 pages.
I fear that if he had encountered anyone else here today, he would not have been able to get it done. With reason, there are fees for printing, and library card protocols.
He was on the verge of tears, and I could literally smell the terror on him.  I didn’t make him explain anything, or ask twice.  I work with people who would not have made it that easy, regardless of the desperation.
I don’t care about power, or control over people, I am interested in vulnerability and providing service where it is really needed.  I’ve become too aware of the levels and dimension of manipulation that so many of the people around me fall into, and sit comfortably with.  What I experienced was familiar, me, my children, people really on the edge.  This event, helps with the struggle I have been experiencing of late, as to whether I am actually serving, or being served.


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