Thursday, August 21, 2014

That's all I know

Two things.
 I guess I am someone who is considered a “direct person”  Which I translate to, one who doesn’t pretend, who speaks about reality, and doesn’t perpetuate things that are not grounded in logic. I think it’s viewed as aggressive, and even confrontational.  It’s probably seen that way because I am a gal.  Men can talk in such a way that pretty much anything is acceptable.
Luckily for me, I can usually break any tension with a laugh, quip, or aside.  That’s how I’ve managed it, and am now, most recently, due to an internal growth spurt, realizing the price that goes along with candid behavior as opposed to political maneuvering in the social sphere.  Silly me.
Second.  I’m in a GroupLove phase, just enjoy their music and their genesis as a band to no end.  Which, makes me wonder, as I pay attention to songs, lyrics and arrangements.  How the fuck do people do that? How is it possible that there are so many wonderful, beautiful, songs still, and even more coming.  Forever.


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