Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Built to fall

After a conversation I had with a colleague, I was reminded of being a bartender when I was in college.  It was a small bar in the basement of one of the university buildings.  Often, one of a few guys with similar behavior, would come and sit at the bar and monopolize my time for hours on end.
At the library, we have customers  who will enter the building at opening and leave twelve hours later, or somewhere in between.  Most, are middle aged and older men.  Many of whom will engage staff, especially, the younger gals, by either enlisting their “help” or standing at the desk and talking to them until they either are told that we have to go back to our work, or another customer appears.
Even, with our Career Counselor, they serendipitously make appointments for Career advise, but end up asking her personal questions, and to meet them after work.
Where else would these guys be able to  take advantage of women’s time and attention?  Most likely they would be brushed  off, or ignored.
It’s a control thing, one that seems hideously obvious,  but falls right under the harassment radar, just enough to make it part of the scenery.


Blogger Abby O'Neill said...

I was reading back through the first year of posts, only to find, almost to the exact date eight years later, a mention of being trapped at the bar. Hmmm.

5:08 PM  

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