Sunday, July 20, 2014

Out of the shadows

Probably a few of  the most obvious changes  in life that I attribute to aging, are  focus, and, how things are wearing out.
I guess simply put, when we are young we have loads of everything;  energy, flexibility, muscle mass, skin tone, the stuff that cushions our bones.  What I’m  now all too  aware of is, that like many things, these are not limitless commodities or resources.  They will no longer be replenished.
When I was at the shore, Charvez and I each got a “slice”, something she, who is a clean eater, and I a former heavyweight, rarely do.  We also decided to walk and eat while on the boardwalk.
With my requisite  folded piece of pizza in hand, I was about to share an absurdly entertaining story, when a seagull grazed the top of my head,  brushed past my friend and snagged my pizza.  I screamed after it, to both make the crowd that had gasped at the peculation, and the bird aware, “ I was done anyway.”


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