Thursday, October 09, 2014

Where no one dared to go

Because the evening and morning of the lunar eclipse, I was unable to sleep, I got to watch it.  At first, I was not impressed, but as the shadow of the earth covered the moon in it’s entirety, I saw the dimension of the  satellite as I have never seen it,  and the effect for me was multi fold.
It’s been an extremely difficult time, for myself and some of those around me.  So much so that in watching the final phases of the eclipse, I was reminded of Melancholia, and considered that perhaps that most of what that movie projected was the nature of the gravitational pull and it’s effect on some of us, and our mental health.
There would not be words in place, if this was an unknown.  Loony, the original Latin and Greek base for the behavior or phase that brings out some behaviors and responses that are most likely brought on by the pull.
Something strong enough to generate the tides in the oceans, can certainly have a physical effect on the part of us, around 60%, that contains chemicals that keep things balanced .
The US medical opinion, is that  there is little or no correlation, yet research, elsewhere, extensive and based on long surveys and programs, and the historical foundation for theories regarding behavior , and the phases of the moon, along with the seasonal equinox, say different.


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