Sunday, November 09, 2014

There's no holiday

I never would have thought it would be the Magic School Bus that took me down.
Last Thursday I  worked at another branch and dealt with a customer, whom I thought I managed well, in that she was very difficult, perhaps medicated, and wanted a solution to a problem that had none.
I didn’t.  Her narrative ended up being pretty much the opposite of mine, and she wasn’t quiet about it.
Today, I was asked for some Magic School Bus, and some Clifford books.  I could not find either.  Well, I found a few, but not nearly the number we allegedly had on the shelf.  I basically forgot how to Librarian.  Though later I found out that they were actually not on the shelves, which helped to know, but, with the initial search coming up empty handed, I felt it might have been best to walk towards the door and not stop.


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