Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Everything will go

Over the long weekend, I recollected to Eamon some of the history of my sisters'  younger years,  their travels, where they went to college, their political and social activities.  All because his actress, whom he had purchased a plane ticket for, did not come in to shoot some scenes, and cancelled on extremely short notice.  Thusly, we had a bunch of opportunities  to sit on the deck and languish after working hard in the garden, and on the yard.  I reflected on what I can piece together or remember of their teens and twenties.
Of course,  a lot of it is blurry or probably even wrong, but I wanted to share with him what I think I knew, and what I both admired about them,  and or was troubled by in my experience as their younger sister.
My oldest sister is going to be sixty next week, and  fifty three  for me in about a month.  Most of my memories are now pretty remote, and I imagine as I get older will fade considerably.


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