Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Have a laugh

As of this week, I have been writing a blog for nine years.   The origins, and initial postings,  seem a little mean spirited as I look back, but the  purpose, and feeling behind the words remain the same to this day.  Share information, make people laugh, have a way in which to illustrate the words and concepts, and give them dimension.
I want to thank my  subscribers.  I don’t know who you are, but I appreciate  you being out there.  You have made a serious impact in my life by choosing  to read  these stories, and,  with your interest , or morbid curiosity.
And then, there’s my family, Eamon does never read it, stating years ago, “that he lives it”.  Jacob, reads it, but aloud, in a smarmy voice, that he says is my own.  Gus will at times, and then  make a comment, with an audible eye roll.  Jack Henry, I’m pretty sure doesn’t even know it exists.  So, there we are.  Success in a nutshell.
 Even though,  I changed the name, I am still a teenage mom, so as I link “nutshell” to a squirrels’ genitals, and with more frequency forget that I’ve written about a topic already, be assured, there will be more of the same.
  Next year, we party.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

And I can see myself

Jack Henry and I flew to Florida last week, to meet Gus, Jacob ,  and Eve, to see my sister and brother in law, and to have breakfast with my nephew.  All successfully accomplished in one fell swoop, five days, four nights in and out.
I feel a bit victorious.  The process of getting it together to go was preceded by various medical procedures, that were, to put it delicately,  gross.
Then, add the TSA and their groping, and what is left is no shame, none.  I am the winner.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

But don't

It’s been a hellava week.  There are things I’ve learned about human, specifically female, anatomy, and devices, that one may have to use on that anatomy, that I never could have imagined, and really never wanted  to.  But, as we age, there is significant  evidence proving that we have no, or very little say  as to how things are going to breakdown and pretty much stop working properly.
Jacob and Eve moved to California this week and perhaps because of the health component, I am distracted enough to not have processed that they are gone,
When that begins, I will truly  know the meaning of  relinquishing , surrender and, I’ll throw in yielding.