Monday, September 28, 2015

The noise of this place

Eamon and I watched Love and Mercy on Saturday night, because we know how to party.
This morning, I was driving to work, and Good Vibrations played on  the  RoadTrip channel on my radio.
  And,  there it was!  All of the specification, the minutia  that was detailed  in the movie,  the process of producing that song, I could hear it. That, was a stunning moment.  It was I’m sure, an amalgamation of many of the studio sessions, to sort of exemplify much of what was probably considered Wilson’s madness.
  Paul Dano, was fantastic as the younger Brian Wilson.  He embodied his body.  I did not however buy John Cusack, as him in the  middle age.  One thing I didn’t know before watching  was that Wilson was deaf in one ear.  Of course I have a theory, and see this as  a window into what might have been why he heard voices, or the music was in his head at a sort of a distance as he was beginning the composition process.  Regardless, it’s always staggering to take things that are known in a superficial way, and get introduced to the nether.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Baying for blood

Who doesn’t remember this day, and what it brings.
Mostly, mixed emotion, always the verge of tears, especially in the morning.   I had just dropped off  the boys, all of them, for the first time, at one school.
I, was out in the eerily quite parking lot, trying to figure out why it was so.
Another mother told me, that they had shut the airports, and then we saw a plane fly over.