Sunday, January 03, 2016

Shiver stop shivering

Eamon and I were walking Hazel just at dusk last night.  I was up ahead, about fifteen feet, I looked back at them and said, “Be sure to always be alert when you are walking her.  Pay attention all the time because things happen in an instant.  We are never ready”
He looked at me, with that yeah, yeah, yeah, look, and said; “ I do, not to worry.”
Within  45 seconds, two rather large , loud and fast dogs were on them, snarling at Hazel, who took a defensive stance, but kept her head down, kind of, I’m guessing, knowing she was outnumbered.  Eamon kind of froze, I let him know to keep walking, and he did, spoke calmly, to Hazel, because, from where he was he could see they had shock collars on.  Though, they were walking close enough to the grass, that the dogs may have been able to get to them.
We looked at each other, once they were clear of the danger, and Eamon said something like, “women have magical powers.”  And I agreed, and took it one step further, kind of realizing that “witches” were probably women who had a keen sense, or an ability to detect things that they weren’t even aware of.
I don’t  know if I heard or smelled something on an unconscious level, I just know I knew it was coming.


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