Thursday, August 29, 2013

In what they lack

This may seem a leap, but basically BP is responsible for current tone  in the Middle East, with support from the Central Intelligence agency, which toppled the democratically elected government of Iran, which had nationalized it’s oil industry.
So, all for money and greed, millions of people killed, oppressive military dictatorship, and subsequently equally oppressive religious dictatorship.  Whatever.

Monday, August 26, 2013

I'll say it again

Last Thursday, Jacob, Eve and I dropped Jack off at college.  Though he was not supposed to, Jack smuggled his Wii U into the car, but managed to forget his pillow, alarm clock and belt.  I repeated senselessly, that this was exactly the problem, paying attention to the irrelevant and forgetting the essential.
Jack heard none of that, all he heard was "no", and that seems to have been enough to keep him from communicating with me since we drove away.
Perhaps, for him that's a way to punish me, and or maybe he's just too busy to get in contact  and provide a status report, either way, it's been a wonderful few days of no conflict, and interruptions exclusively canine related.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So hard to find

Thursday, I will be driving my youngest child to college.  I have no nostalgic feelings whatsoever, I’m not sad, can’t wait and did I mention I can’t wait.
Having been a very hands on  parent for 23 years, I’m more then ready to step back and take care of that via remote access , rather then any of this personal appearance stuff. Did I mention I can’t wait.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hope still lingers on

The world I might create would not look anything like the one we live in now, or in some ways at least.
This would include;
Playground monitors, not school playgrounds exclusively, but the ones where anything goes. Not  a tyrant, I’m talking about a retired person or two, who could, and would, be there to watch and help if necessary.
Escorts for old ladies carrying shopping bags and walking with a cane trying to navigate uneven and pocked sidewalks.
Drive thru driveways that are wider then one car and a third.
Offering a new WPA  era work plan which would suggest community service, or some sort of ownership of the individuals environment, and follow up support that would actually make it happen.
Soft things, rubber padding, less concrete to come into contact with.
Managers and Administrators that actually  listen to, and respect the people who are on the ground, or on the frontlines, of any organization, because they really do know what’s best.
Banks having to  actually serve a purpose greater then themselves.
The end of Re-branding.
Never again having to see the phrase, “well crafted “.
And finally, clean bathrooms, everywhere clean bathrooms.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

I'm trying to find my way there

This morning, Eamon and I had a brief discussion about success, and it’s elusive nature for some, and the capricious, cornucopia of good fortune for others.
And then, I happened to start reading a story about Stephen King and his family.
SK is weird, he’s a strange, offbeat and eccentric  man, who happens to be a prolific and exceptional writer.
But, let’s say that he wasn’t able to get anything published, and he wrote, but only because he had no other choice, and  had to work a not so rewarding job.
Or in other words, let’s say he was my husband, or me
Though we comfort ourselves with; we give it our best shot, or at least we keep working on things regardless of interest, and that allays some of those feeling to an extent, but, do we try hard enough, market ,or put ourselves out there
I honestly don’t know.  It runs the gamut of  I’m the worst to I’m the best , not unlike most people I reckon.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Cruel and beautiful

I don’t know always know if I am being authentic, putting on a personality that is far brighter and livelier than I truly am, or if maybe I am just coming together and not switching between who I think I’m supposed to be, and who I actually am.
Jacob and I had a conversation and this topic came up as something he was working on as well.  It’s hard to articulate the specifics of these thoughts, hard to generate an exact picture of what I’m trying to say, on a very basic level, it’s about pleasing people, wanting to make others comfortable or to feel safe.  But it’s not fair, not to ourselves or others. It’s a  scheme, a nice scheme, but one nonetheless.