Sunday, August 11, 2013

I'm trying to find my way there

This morning, Eamon and I had a brief discussion about success, and it’s elusive nature for some, and the capricious, cornucopia of good fortune for others.
And then, I happened to start reading a story about Stephen King and his family.
SK is weird, he’s a strange, offbeat and eccentric  man, who happens to be a prolific and exceptional writer.
But, let’s say that he wasn’t able to get anything published, and he wrote, but only because he had no other choice, and  had to work a not so rewarding job.
Or in other words, let’s say he was my husband, or me
Though we comfort ourselves with; we give it our best shot, or at least we keep working on things regardless of interest, and that allays some of those feeling to an extent, but, do we try hard enough, market ,or put ourselves out there
I honestly don’t know.  It runs the gamut of  I’m the worst to I’m the best , not unlike most people I reckon.


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