Thursday, July 11, 2013

After all is said and done

I have a bit of treatise on the
misogynistic response to the three women who recently escaped the 10 year captivity in a Cleveland home.
Where is the outrage on the public relations makeover, the equivalent of an abusive husband or partner throwing money at a badly beaten woman and telling her to go clean herself up and buy something pretty to wear.
These women were tortured and terrorized for ten years.  Not many of us can imagine, nor will we have to now that they have new hair, teeth, makeup, the dirty mess can all be swept away and we buy it.
But, it can’t it’s too ugly to even imagine; kept on a dirty mattress for days, with your head duct taped in place, for so long that the range of motion in your neck is forever compromised, this and many other details are left out of the story, because we are a culture not interested in the facts, the reality, a simple resolution, a feel good moment, brought to us by our sponsors is ultimately what is acceptable.
It’s not. Cleveland, now the capital of crimes against women, in a big way, we don’t just have domestic violence we have serial killers with the remains of disenfranchised women, never missed by anyone, found in a home, and now the case of these three girls whose lives were deemed worthless by a man, and now by a society who want a good looking  group  of gals to tell the story of triumph  over a bad situation.  And this is why we all lose, all of us, because this, is now the only solution, making the media rounds, selling books, telling the same small story that is acceptable as opposed to shrieking, screaming, crying, and actually requiring us all to face the bare and raw truth of it.


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