Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Where the image breaks down

So I bought a new car, and that’s not that interesting, but, that I had to give it back for a few days in order for them to install something, and they left me with a convertible sports car worth about $75,000,to drive in the meantime, is.
And, here’s why.
I don’t want to drive around in a stupid ostentatious car.
Now I have to dress up, put lipstick and big sunglasses on. Seriously I do. I have to wear heels that click on the floor and get my nails done.
I cannot live up to that for long, it’s exhausting.
Friends whom I spoke to were delighted for me, what an adventure, how exciting.


Blogger LindaCO said...

I wish I was the type to really enjoy such windfalls, but such a fancy ride would be a burden for me.

7:13 PM  

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