Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Even with someone they love

I’ve lost my naivete, my shiny surface of illusion, and it happened quite suddenly this morning, I wasn’t reading a paper, or trolling the net. I was putting in my contact lenses and I said out loud, “I’m never going to vote again.”
Eamon stopped a few elections ago, and I’ve cajoled, and even almost registered him, until I got to the description of what happens to people who forge registration forms.
It dawned on me how right he had been, not that I’ll tell him, and he doesn’t make a point of reading this blog, so no worries there.
President Obama, his administration, congress, all of it, are part and parcel to killing children, condoning and supporting the practice,  thus ending any support and alignment I had with the Democratic party.
I’m really not a fan of proclamations, because I tend not to live up to them, and really who cares what I think, but, this one, is not something I can waver on.
For years the hypocrisy of the Republican party and their pro-life, pro-war quagmire stunned me in it’s , (making up a word here), obviosity. I’ve never understood how the supporters could not make the connection, or at least how they chose not to.
Now I do.


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