Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm sticking

There is a lot to talk about.
A lot.
As I mentioned, we’re staying in the house, part of the process for refinancing is getting an appraisal and we had that done this week.
I’ve had many of these done before, and never by a female.
Not only was mine a Gal, she was a Tea bagger.
How I came to find that out , after her initial explanation of how there are good Nazis and bad Nazis, just like there are good Jews and Bad Jews, was when she started to discuss the 70% of single mothers on welfare.
The moment after that came out of her mouth, I realized I was not at work, and didn’t need to even listen to her bullshit before I could tell her it was not an appropriate conversation.
I said, “ Tony, let me stop you there.” While holding my hand up to reinforce the point.
You are not here to have this conversation with me, you are here for one purpose, and that’s to appraise the house.
I ushered her out and waved at her as she drove away, with an extremely satisfying ( for me at least), look of confusion on her face.
Who am I?


Blogger LindaCO said...

Holy moly. Yes, you don't have to listen to that in your own home!

4:35 PM  

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