Thursday, January 24, 2013

And I think back to when

Yesterday I encountered two herd of Deer. The first, in my back yard. By the time I fumbled for a picture, there was only one, and it was barely visible behind a tree. The next was when I was driving down a four lane, busy, fast street, on the way to Trader Joe’s . They ran by in a seemingly endless blur, I was transported. There were at least eight or nine.
I noticed, and caught the eye in the instant, of one that was left on the wrong side of the road, watching from the woods as the others ran off. I wondered all day, if it was able to catch up, if they waited until it did.  I will never know, and yet I wonder always, about everything.
When I was young I thought to myself that I hope right before I die, there is a catchall list presented to me with some, or all of the answers to life’s mysteries.
Jake is 23 today, I was up most of the night thinking about this day, what has happened between then and now and such; and then, I just added it to the list of questions.


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