Thursday, December 06, 2012

I'll come by on Monday

I have an odd time with good fortune, or even fortune, it just brings us back to self esteem and what I feel I can expect.  As of two days ago, Eamon is a full time employee at the company he has been working part time for, since May. He casually mentioned it yesterday, and I could hear the restrained joy and , okay no, there was no joy, it was just matter of fact, because he knew all along that eventually things were going to be okay, but I didn’t, so the joy was internal, muted and hidden behind some shades, and a steel wall.
I want to trust that we will get back on track, that I won’t have to work forty four hours a week anymore and that someone or some organization, will appreciate and value the time my husband spends working there. The simplicity of having a job is a common and everyday experience , until you don’t.


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